Divergent Chill II is finished

(Originally published September 6, 2014 at DivergentZen.WordPress.com)

I finished writing Divergent Chill II a few days ago, as well as giving it a quick edit. I’ve sent it out to a few beta readers and I’m working with some artists on the cover.

I’m looking to redo the cover of Divergent Chill and to give it an editing pass to catch some of those typos before the release of Divergent Chill II.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m almost there. Hopefully, Divergent Chill II will be out on Kindle before Thanksgiving.

Interview with a Divergent… and a Ragebourne

(Originally published September 11, 2012 at DivergentZen.Wordpress.com)

I’m very near the 50,000 word mark and have stalled a bit on new content while I work on some brief revisions. In the meantime, I did a little writing exercise. I present you a nonsensical interview from intrepid entertainment reporter Rachel Thrace with Chill and Beriszl.

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