Look What I Found… Divergent Chill Short Story!

(Originally published April 7, 2011 at DivergentZen.WordPress.com)

Okay, here is the short story adaption of the first 30 minutes of the Divergent Chill screenplay I wrote, which was adapate from the original Divergent Chill short story I wrote. So, it goes like this: shorty story –> screenplay –> short story.

I’ve been unable to find the short story on any of my hard drives. I suspect I might have actually written it by hand and it’s in a notebook somewhere. But this is still pretty interesting. Though it takes place 10 years after the events of the novel (don’t worry about spoilers, much of this won’t be canon by the time I get to it), my original vision of Chill’s character and personality is quite different. And the tone of the story reads more like a detective serial in some respects. I’ve really never written anything quite like this before, stylisitcally speaking.

Just a quick note, this short story hasn’t been thoroughly edited and is only a couple steps above a rough draft. Enjoy:

Semi-Original Divergent Chill Short Story

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Divergent Chill II is finished

(Originally published September 6, 2014 at DivergentZen.WordPress.com)

I finished writing Divergent Chill II a few days ago, as well as giving it a quick edit. I’ve sent it out to a few beta readers and I’m working with some artists on the cover.

I’m looking to redo the cover of Divergent Chill and to give it an editing pass to catch some of those typos before the release of Divergent Chill II.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m almost there. Hopefully, Divergent Chill II will be out on Kindle before Thanksgiving.

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